Story of Palestine

Almost every day, we witnessed torture in Gaza Israeli soldiers against the population, regardless of women, children and … even babies though. Many of our babies who die. It may be necessary jugan you know, that since the Israeli attack on 27 december 2009, Gaza residents who maintain homeland martyr reaches 1400 people, 600 of them are our children. But since the attack had been well until today, we welcomed the birth of a new baby 3000 belt of Gaza, and Subhanallah most of them are boys and many of the twins, Allahu Akbar!

We do not mourn their loss a martyr, because it tears very difficult to remove. But we could not help deraian tears when we looked at our TV screen, which looks jadul and dusty. Kids babies born without a father, who abandoned his parents were born, even those that died when I was just born. A very touching, but many of the babies who died in a cardboard box, near the shops, the railroad … .. and it’s happening in the country you’re my brother, the country of Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim populated country in the world. What’s up brother …

Behind the ruins the ruins of houses which dibuldozer Israel in the summer camps or in the chamber room, our mothers nursing babies and nurture our children with loving care. Infants and children we grow and develop without malnutrition. Although we do love education among the whiz of bullets, not far from the roar of home shredder and Zionist Israel’s village. But her love is still growing, the seeds of love remains squarely in our hearts.

However, again we have to sort out my sister’s chest. You are a fertile country prosperous, with abundant natural wealth, why are there babies and children with malnutrition. Why there are still many people who sleep in any place. Why is my sister ….? when we are blockaded the world, which has not been recognized its independence, which is difficult to get food aid, but none who suffer from malnutrition. Moreover, starved to death ….

My sister, a fairly worrying Again, why the feeling of love had begun to fade from the people of Indonesia’s famous hospitality tamahannya. We see clearly how the actions of anarchists on television, fires, beatings, fights and even persecution of the children under the age of the baby sister … …. This choke watch … wish we did not believe that all that exists in Indonesia, a country to welcome us as brothers …

My sister, do not you see how our Prime Minister, Dr. Ismail Haniyya berkemaja simple, near-spoken and polite with the public. What about your brother … if so well?

Oh yes, we see many towering buildings, most made of glass and luxury in the big cities in Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, we believe that the places of worship are also definitely more luxurious than the buildings, right? we were sure, women in Indonesia were more polite, neatly dressed, does not mengumbar genitalia and hollow body …. because of the freedom to learn there is more assured.

We are sure, you’re there, can memorize the Qur’an quickly and runs quietly and Worship Prayer Khushuu. Similarly, our non-Muslim brothers, they must also be able to communicate with his Lord in peace. Because Indonesia is an independent country, peaceful and serene country. Is not this my sister …? … Here, our children much Hafidz (memorized) the Quran. They learn over rubble or in the emergency tent …

sumber: cerita dari muslimah palestina yang sedang kuliah di UGM.


2 thoughts on “Story of Palestine

  1. (maaf) izin mengamankan PERTAMA dulu. Boleh kan?!
    Malangnya Palestina……

  2. go go go Palestine!! I supporting you!! Allahuakbar

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